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This refers to the options of fitting the blinds inside the frame (inside)

Or fitting the blind to the frames face (outside) 

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The control is the mechanism that allows the user to operate the blind  in the form of a chain or cord or a wand. You must choose what side you would like to operate the blind from, left or right.

Generally as a rule we recommend selecting the side that has easy access for the user. Or the side that is furtherest away from the opening of windows or doors if possible. 

The Driven Link option refers specifically to roller blinds being operated by a chain of another blind in the same window at the same time. So for 2 blinds you have the 1 chain. The driven link is a centre bracket that drives the second blind as you pull on the chain of the first blind so they operate in unison. Select Driven Link for the blind that does not have a chain side. 

Control Length:
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This is the length of the cords and chains that operate your blinds. Please note that with wand control we can only do 500mm 750mm 1000mm or 1250mm

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