Blind technology

Keeping ahead is a high priority of Budget Blinds.

Utilising the latest technology in equipment is essential to providing the best possible products and service. International research and information gathering is conducted yearly to ensure the best possible equipment is utilised.

An aeronaut roller cutting table is the most advanced equipment to cut roller fabrics. Budget Blinds is the only company in New Zealand to use this advanced technology in blind making. The aeronaut ensures skins are always cut perfectly square.


Vertical blades are cut using a fully automated machine VM1 Super automatic blind machine. This is cutting edge technology with accuracy in cutting every time.

Venetian blinds are made with a Hollis automated machine which greatly increases production time and blind finish quality.

Faux wood venetians are made on an automatic machine to ensure accuracy and then hand assembled to a high quality.

The manufacturing process is coordinated via an advanced computer system that creates orders and jobsheets while instantly tracking jobs. Once you enter your order online everything else is done automatically so there is no manual entering of data - what you enter is what we manufacture. This eliminates mistakes so your blinds will be delivered right the first time.