Sunscreen Blinds

Sunscreen Blinds are designed specially to minimise harsh UV, therefore they are great for protecting your furniture and carpet from fading. They also act as fantastic insulators and reduce glare from the sun. Sunscreen Blinds also offer privacy from the street during the day, often people will like the fact that when pulled down its not obvious if you are home. Sunscreen Blinds do not offer privacy at night if you have the lights on. Sunscreen Blinds can be ordered in combination with Blockout Rollers to create a Double Roller, giving you the best of both worlds for daytime and nighttime use. Continue reading for information our four Sunscreen fabric categories to differentiate the difference in weave openness and comments on colours. Our favourite Sunscreen is Kleenscreen because it offers a great colour range and has a really nice openness to the mesh.

Please order free samples before purchasing - this is the only way to ensure you are happy with your colour choice.

Read our How To Guides for Measuring and Installing this product!

  • 5% is the happy medium, provides a nice level fabric openness whilst giving great UV protection
  • 10% is the most open weave, slightly less private but perfect for maintaining your view
  • Kleenscreen is a blended weave woven between a 5%-8% openness, very contemporary colour range

Generally darker colours are the easiest to see through in direct sunlight and will look more like a tinted window from the outside looking in. They can darken the room on a grey gloomy day. Generally lighter colours are harder to see through especially in direct sunlight, they almost appear solid on a very bright sunny day rather than mesh like. This can obscure your view. Lighter colours do keep the space light and airy when pulled down in most daytime conditions. We offer in between colours to help neutralise these effects. For these reasons we highly suggest ordering samples, and holding them in your window to ensure you will get the look you will love.