Honeycomb Blinds

25mm Honeycomb Blind

Honeycomb Blinds have excellent insulating properties. Air is trapped within the honeycomb cell, reducing heat loss in the winter and reducing heat gain in summer. We offer two types of fabrics Translucent and Blockout. Translucent fabric gently filters light while maintaining privacy and protects your furnishings from UV fading. They're ideal for dining and living spaces. They can also be used in bedrooms if you prefer external light to filter into your room. Blockout fabric has a foil lining to provide you with complete privacy, room darkening and extra insulation. They're great for cold climates and bedrooms, and the minimal light gaps when fitted makes them perfect for home media rooms. Please be very accurate with the width measurement, these blinds have very tiny deductions.

You can raise and lower the Honeycomb Blind by pulling on the cord. Each time you raise your Honeycomb Blind they are locked off on a metal cord lock. Frequent locking off in the same place will wear the cords and they will fray quickly. For that reason we suggest not locking Honeycomb Blinds off in the exact same up position each time. If you are ordering this style of blind for a window you want to be able to see your view and you will be inclined to pull it up often, its recommended you consider a Roller Blind instead. We don't recommend these blinds for doors for this reason.

Please note we can arrange a re-cord service with you if cord frays. Cords wearing with general use is not covered under warranty as it a wear and tear issue.

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  • Iron

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  • Birch

  • Marine

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  • Willow

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  • Soft Damson

  • Praline

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  • Wheat

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  • Rust Red

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  • Mineral

  • Eucalyptus

  • Lake Blue

  • Pebble

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  • Fossil

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  • Taupe

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  • Charcoal

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  • Cloud

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  • Straw

  • Mocha

  • Marine

  • Shadow

  • Midnight

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  • Barley

  • Cotton

  • Stone

  • Flint

    Fresco Blockout

  • Barley Beige

  • Moss Green

  • Soft Pewter

  • Type 25mm Honeycomb Blind
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