Venetian Blinds

Aluminium Venetian 25mm

The 25mm Aluminium Venetian offers a brilliant solution for those who wish to easily control light. By twisting the wand you can achieve visibility and privacy. They are also practical blinds that can fit in to smaller window recesses. Regardless of if you order inside or outside fit we do take a deduction off the size you order.

When you raise your Venetians, they are locked off on a metal cord lock. Frequent locking off in the same place will eventually wear the cords and they will fray. For that reason we suggest tilting as required and raising when you need to open the window or clean the window. If you are ordering this style of blind for a window you want to be able to see your view and you will be inclined to pull it up often, its recommended you consider a Roller Blind instead. Or lock the blind off in slightly different positions each time so the same piece of cord isn't wearing each time. You will obtain better privacy and closure by tilting blades upwards. Regular dusting with slats in the closed position will keep cleaning low maintenance.

If you are ordering for a window next to a front or back door you could request hold down clips in the comment section of the order. We will supply small clips for you to fasten blind securely at the bottom.

Narrow Venetians 300mm-400mm wide will have split control sides. That means the tilt control and lifting control will be at opposite ends as there isn't enough room inside track to have both mechanism on same side. On the order you can only pick one control side. But in comment section you can request which end is tilt and which end is lift. Contact us if you need more information.

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