Roller & Sunscreen Blinds Measuring


  • Use a metal tape measure, record sizes in order of width x height in millimetres.
  • A second person is helpful when measuring wide windows and doors.
  • Always measure the width of the window at the top of the frame, this is where brackets will be placed.
  • Be sure to order free samples it will help you decide on a few key details throughout this process.
  • Optional: print this measure sheet and note down sizes as you measure each window Measure Sheet


With Roller Blinds the width measurement you provide us will be the bracket-to-bracket size of your blind, not the fabric size. We take a deduction off the width measurement you provide, this deduction comes off the fabric width to allow for the brackets and control mechanism. If you're ordering outside fit Roller Blinds and you want the fabric to be a specific size in the width please contact us to discuss, otherwise standard deductions apply.

Tools Required

  1. Metal Tape Measure
  2. Pen and Paper

Step 1

Decide if you want the blind to fit inside or outside the window frame. Scan the window and check that no handles will obstruct the blind. Generally blinds are fitted inside the recess, unless there is not enough depth.

Frame depth required for an inside fit single Roller Blind is 60mm, this will give a flush fit. A single bracket is 56mm x 70mm. You can have less than 60mm frame depth, (no less than 30mm) but the compromise is that some of the roll and fabric will stick out from frame.

If outside fit make sure you have a nice thick architrave to screw into or consider fitting to wall space above. If screwing to wall space above make sure you have solid fixing behind.

A double bracket is 88mm x 150mm. Frame depth required for inside fit double Roller Blind is 90mm, this will give a flush fit. Generally Double Blinds are inside fit, not Outside fit, otherwise you will have large light gaps.

Step 2

Decide if you want the fabric to roll over the front of the tube or over the back.

With inside fit you can pick between front roll or back roll.

With outside fit it is almost always suggested you use back roll, keeps fabric close to frame.

Fabrics with an off-white backing are generally front rolled to avoid seeing the backing on the top of the tube.

Step 3

Choose your chain control side.

Usually the most convenient side to get to.

Step 4

  1. Measure width first then height. Measurements must be exact so take measurement in three places for the width (top, middle and bottom) and where there is a difference of a few millimetres use the smallest measurement. But remember the measurement at the top inside is the most important as this where the brackets are positioned. You don't want to measure too wide or too narrow as blinds will not fit. Be as accurate as possible and if you have any questions feel free to contact us. Use two measurements for the height one at each end and where there is a difference use the smallest measurement.

    - For inside fit measure from one end of the recess to the other, and same for drop (see image "inside window measurements")

    - For outside fit measure from the outside edge of the frame on the left to the outside frame on the right (see image "outside window measurements") PLEASE NOTE THE SIZE YOU GIVE US IS TO THE WIDEST PART OF THE BLIND WHICH IS THE OUT SIDE OF BRACKETS THE FABRIC IS 33mm NARROWER THAN THIS TO ALLOW FOR CONTROLS.

OPTIONAL: Child Safe

Child Safes's are small plastic clips that holds the chain in place. They are designed to reduce the risk of strangulation. Child Safe's also provide a neat and tidy look and stop the chain from moving around in a draft if window or door is open where blind is fitted.

To fasten the Child Safe hook the chain around the clip of the Child Safe and position it either inside the recess or to the face (determined by whether the blind is fitted to the recess or face).

Make sure the position of the Child Safe will not interfere with the blind once fully wound down. Allow for some slack in the chain so you may still operate the blind easily. Once you are satisfied with the position drill into place.