Roman Blinds Measuring

  • Use a metal tape measure.
  • Measure Romans to fit outside the frame. Only exceptional circumstances will Romans fit inside the frame. Please contact us to discuss inside fitting of romans.
  • Fitting Romans 100mm above the frame allows more vision through the window. There is generally timber to fix into in this area.
  • Measure in millimetres (mm).
  • Double check your measurements.
  • Print this measuring worksheet and write measurements down as you measure each window- measuring worksheet click here. Then transfer to the ordering section on the website.
  • Allowances for brackets are made at the factory - you do not need to factor this in yourself.

Roman Blind Measuring Outside fit

Measuring your blinds is really easy with our simple measuring guides!


1. Metal tape measure

Step 1

Measure width from the outer edge of the frame on the left to the outer edge of the frame on the right, then add 100mm (i.e; 50mm to either side).

Step 2

For the height (drop) measure from the top of the frame to the lowest point of the frame, then add 150mm (i.e; 100mm above the top of the frame and 50mm below the frame).

Step 3

Select your chain control side. Generally this is the easiest side to get to.

Child Safe's

Child Safes's are small plastic clips that holds the chain in place. They are designed specially to reduce the risk of strangulation on the blinds chain. Child Safe's also provide a neat and tidy look and stop the chain from moving around in a draft if window or door is open where blind is fitted.

To fasten the Child Safe hook the chain around the clip of the Child Safe and position it to the wall.

Make sure the position of the Child Safe will not interfere with the blind once fully wound down. Allow for some slack in the chain so you may still operate the blind easily. Once you are satisfied with the position drill into place.