Vertical Blinds Measuring


  • Use a metal tape measure
  • Measure in millimetres (mm)
  • Measure width in 3 places and use the smallest width
  • Measure height at each end
  • Double check your measurements.
  • Optional print this measuring worksheet and write measurements down as you measure each window- measuring worksheet click here.
  • Allowances for brackets are made at the factory - you do not need to factor this in yourself.
  • We take a deduction off the size you order.

Measuring your blinds is really easy with our simple measuring guides


  1. Metal tape measure
  2. Pencil

Step 1: Choose inside or outside fit

Decide if blinds will fit inside or outside the frame

For verticals you need depth of 50mm back from where the bracket is fitted to place them in the recess. Extension brackets can be used and will provide an extra 50mm. Otherwise they will need to be fitted to the outside .

For outside fit measure exactly where you would like the blind to fit.

Step 2

For inside fit measure width inside the frame first. Then measure drop (height) choosing the smallest measurement.

For Outside fit measure exactly where you would like the blind to fit. Measure 100mm above the top of the frame. Usually 300mm past each side. If it is a window measure at least 100 below the bottom of the frame to ensure the chain does not catch on the window frame.

Step 3

Choose cord/control sides. Usually most convenient side.

You can also have the choice of left, right or centre open stacking.