Roller Blind

Light Filter Roller Blind

Light Filter Roller Blinds are a perfect solution for windows and doors that require subtle shading. Unlike a Sunscreen Blind which you can clearly see out of the fabric, the textured nature of the Light Filter Blind softly filters light and gently obscures your view. It is best to order a sample of this fabric if you are considering this option to make sure it is the right fit for your needs. You will have a degree of privacy with this blind pulled down during daylight hours. If in use at night with the lights on inside, from outside looking in you will see movement and shadows - not details. So it is not consider a full privacy blind, more of a soft screening and subtle shading blind. Raised and lowered by a chain as required or can be ordered motorised. Available in a variety of colours and textures in widths up to 3000mm wide.

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If you are ordering as an inside fit, please take note there will be standard light gaps down the sides and along the top of the window. Please note the width size you order for Roller Blinds is the bracket to bracket size, the fabric is 33mm less. Rollers require a 70mm recess for a flush fit inside the frame. You can still install Roller Blinds into narrower recesses but keep in mind bracket and tube will stick out.

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