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Sunscreen Roller Blind 10 Percent

Sunscreen Roller Blinds are designed primarily for UV protection and glare. 10% Sunscreen is the most open weave, it is a good option to consider when maintaining a view is important but it is slightly less private than the other options. We find people who would like to be able to see out really clearly will opt for this range. The openness factor is noticeably more than the 5%. The 10% Sunscreen still offers a high level of UV protection.

Sunscreen Roller Blinds offer daytime privacy, as it gets darker outside, if you have the lights on inside, you will no longer have privacy. If you need daytime and nighttime privacy, consider making this blind a Double Roller Blind by ordering in combination with a Blockout Roller Blind.

If you require a Sunscreen wider than 3000mm look into our Single Linked Roller Blind option.

Sunscreen Blinds can be motorised with our rechargeable lithium battery motors or hard wired with our 240 Volt electric motors.

The size you order is the bracket to bracket size. A standard 33mm deduction is taken of the width of the fabric to ensure blind will fit.

Lighter colours (whites) are harder to see through in direct sunlight in comparison to darker colours (charcoals).

Sunscreen Blinds use a 56mm x 70mm bracket but require 70mm recess for a flush fit.

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